just some surveys like from the myspace dayz

1.	Place: my bed
2.	Person: my mom haha shes the only one I can talk to honestly lol
3.	Color: pink, yellow, and green BUT NOT TOGETHER
4.	Food: cereal (frosted flakes)
5.	Smell: soft soap (you know the one…you smelled it in kindergarten too)
6.	Book: there are so many, but one that has stuck with me was A Dogs Journey. the movie was bad bad bad but the book was just very..comforting to me.
7.	Movie: I always either answering either Children of Men or Jacobs Ladder so…both of those 😊
8.	Music artist: MARS ARGO
9.	Genre of music: weird
10.	Genre of literature: adventure, slice of life, not sure what you would call it but I like roadtrip stories
11.	Magazine: Teen Vouge (rip ☹), Nylon when it was good, and NatGeo before Murdoch bought it
12.	Texture: water
13.	Time of day: really really early (dark early), and really really late (dark late)
14.	Day of the week: Friday 3pm
15.	Tumblr: https://samepicofdavecoulier.tumblr.com/
16.	Thing to do when bored: play around online, clean (im sorry im a boring person T_T)
17.	Celebrity: NONE
18.	Class in school: biology haha
19.	Website other than Tumblr: at the moment Neocities omg
20.	Drink: water and coffee o-o
21.	Precious stone: opal
22.	Animal: ALL (cats probably…and birds..and snakes and dogs and…)
23.	Flower: forget-me-nots and morning glories (any blue flower tbh)
24.	Time in history: November 9, 1989, June 26th, 2015, November 4, 2008 (controversial, but it meant a lot to people and he gave people hope)
25.	Font: comic sans because im dyslexic haha
26.	Video game: honestly hard to answer, spyro 1 and zelda ocarina of time…
27.	TV show: breaking bad 😊
28.	Play: lion king because it’s the only one ive seen
29.	Sound: birds at 3am
30.	Fruit: mango and cantaloup 
31.	Vegetable: broccoli O_O
32.	Store/shop: it used to be Dolls Kill but I think ive grown out of that so no its just stuff from Depop
33.	Article of clothing you own: I have a xxxl Britney spears shirt that I think I wear ever day lol
34.	Fashion/style: its changed through out the years but I think my roots are in kinderwhore/cute hehe
35.	Pattern: PLAID
36.	Quote: 
37.	Historical figure: Kesha
38.	Boy’s name: Mingus
39.	Girl’s name: Bingus
40.	Season: Spring
41.	Month of the year: April : )
42.	Word: bingus
43.	Joke: united states health care
44.	Cussword: cunt lmao
46.	Lifehack: let the dish soap sink into the pan for a few minutes, heat the pan to near boiling and start scrubbing with a silicon spoon. No more grease habibi
47.	Language: I think Russian because it’s a good beginner’s language. 
48.	Thing to learn about: atoms, molecules, and how big is space
49.	Thing about yourself: my taste in music lmao