random quizzes and picrews i find online lol

which one of the worst famous tumblr posts are you

Your Result:
three weed smorking girlfriends
you're passionate and I respect that. you should probably chill out though. go smoke a bunt and get back to me.

what cool dragon i found on google are you

Your Result:
fairy dragon
you're a fairy dragon! you're mysterious and cool, and you'd rather shape things from the shadows then fight others directly. you're a powerful ally and very creative and artistic.

what type of zoo enclosure should you be kept in

Your Result:
big cat
look, it's nothing personal. the jurassic park fence and maybe one of those drop-off gorges between you and the fence is as much if not more for your protection than that of the guests. you don't have to interact with hardly anyone you don't want to - aside from dropping off food, they mostly just chuck toys in there enrichment and let you rip em to shreds. there's a hammock, maybe a tire swing, a heat lamp or a big heated rock for nice long naps. people can get shockingly close to you but no one wants to end up on the news so they generally mind their manners and most importantly, you don't have to share with anyone else. aside from the peacocks that are loose at every zoo for some reason, this is YOUR house.

What is your aesthetic based on pics? :)

Your Result:
Spacecore is a type of aesthetic that is centred around astronomy, stars and planets. Also called astrocore or cosmic core. This aesthetic uses lots of stars and planet type things in clothing or decor. With key objects of stars or the moon, very similar to the Ravenclaw aesthetic for Hogwarts.