internet girlifesto


i've been using computers (and the internet lol) since i was 2. that probably doesn't sound too exciting but i was very fortunate to have a mom who worked in an office in the 90s and let me play on them haha! i have very blurry memories of using the NET but i vaguely remember making my own webpage through some geocities clone. i think it was about pokemon or lizards or something lol.

when we finally got internet AOL at home (huge event btw) i would only use it to: play games (rip), go to divastarz and play those games (big RIP), play my barbie CD-ROMS or literally just type in my favorite pokemon (mew and gastly) and go through several pages of google and click on random sites for some reason (hi dont do this now...theres some bad stuff out there o_o).

after that, i eventually graduated to a MYSPACE account (horrible idea omg) and thats where we all fell into the social media trap. myspace was fun for a while but definitely no place for a kid (some very gross people on there). during this time, the internet was right on the verge of going into its "mass sanitization" as i call it, with the shaping of other sites to form to the standards of advertisers and data collectors (rip liveleak geocities, and being able to decorate your youtube channel). one of the last places i remember having real fun on was Stumbleupon (IYKYK!!!) and TUMBLR of all places haha

and the rest was history

when i was introduced to neocities, i felt like i was discovering the internet for the first time again. it was so amazing to see so many different communities share their life and their experiecnes on the web and i look forward to finding more places to enjoy :)