hi hello my name is rachel and i fall in love 50 times a day! im not sure how you found my site (probably through the neocities last updated tab), i hope ur enjoying clicking around, i like to hide things, you never know what you'll find :)
currently i am...

Doing: getting ready for spring :)

Reading: 80s fantasy books i find on thriftbooks

Watching: early 2000s commercials compliations lol

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hands u this

general interests

nature, science, shopping, sanrio, hiking, bad music, dreamcore, the old web, 90s/2000s tech, spiraling


TES:morrowind, spyro 1, silent hill 2, fallout new vegas, zelda OoT and BotW


the zoo, museums, target, mountain trails, the beach but not in a summertime way just in a nostalgic way, my bed


mars argo, poppy, nirvana, machine girl, hozier, fleetwood mac, marina, the twilight soundstrack


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